Monday, March 15, 2010

This week at the farm we are experiencing..... mud. There is so much mud that one must be careful when visiting, as Hubert's friend Paula discovered on her way to the farm from NY, this early afternoon. As she got closer to the farm she dialed the farm for directional reassurance and responsibly pulled her '88 Volvo over onto what seemed like solid ground.... she subsequently sank into said "solid ground" and needed to be forcibly removed by Tractor. (luckily she was closeby) Windfall crew saved the day and Paula was embarrassed but unscathed and we were happy to have a new friend with a story we can tease her about. It gets old when there is only Kevin to pick on and since while Tim was away, Kevin did such a great job filling in.... it just doesn't seem right to make fun of him. I'm sure this sentiment will pass. Tomorrow is supposed to be more sunny, hopefully we will begin to get drier ground.

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Caplicki said...

Kevin is used to being teased, since there wasn't much "punishment" doled out during his upbringing. Just the unfortunate embarrassment of never living down any "bad" or wrong thing he's ever done. Family gatherings and holiday meals are filled with stories from the day he was born to the present moment. Thankfully, the haranguing goes around to every attendant at the table.