Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Have a Gold Ball

This is Hubert. He is holding one of Windfall Farms' Gold Ball Turnips. This Wednesday, we are giving restaurants a sample of this delicious variety, also known as Robertson's Golden Ball. This year's extended cold weather growing season has meant that the turnips are abundant with particularly high sugar levels.  Their flavor is nutty, sweet and mild, and not acrid like other turnips. Their texture is firm and juicy - good raw for salads or crudités. They are best simmered or roasted, and a superior substitute to potatoes because of their ability to soak-up flavor in stews and soups.

We are anticipating a hard frost at the farm this weekend, at which time the turnips will freeze and die in the ground. Because we have limited root storage capacity, we are harvesting the turnips as demand dictates. Therefore, we are pricing them at fifty cents per-pound (.50¢ / lb.) for orders of twenty pounds and more for pick-up at this Saturday's market. If you have a little storage space, we recommend you get a good amount now as they are a good "keeper" through the winter (after this Saturday, they will be $1.00 / pound and up!).

Windfall Farms is at the Union Square Greenmarket (16th St and Union Square West) every Wednesday and Saturday year-round. If you would like to place an order for pick-up, please order by 12 noon this Friday, December 4th. 845 457-5988

For our non-restaurant customers, here's link to some good turnip info.

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